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We have service level agreements in place with many large and small corporates across the country who have been using our services for well over 10 years successfully and seamlessly for their business needs.

Hot Candidates


You have come to the right place if you are not in the position to hire a resource on a fulltime basis and you are in need of a short-term contract without having the employee on your payroll.

How does it work? We start by drawing up a contract between RECRU-IT and the candidate for the duration of the contract. The benefit to you and your organisation is that we take care of all the administrative tasks you would normally have to manage; this includes salary payment, PAYE/UIF, dealing with SARS on a monthly basis as well as managing their IRP5.

If you have sourced a candidate through your own means and require the resource on-site at short notice, having to organise all the legalities from your side might take time which in turn will cost you money. We are able to put this together in a short space of time and have the resource working at your offices or your clients office the next day. The contract will be drawn up between us and the individual meaning that all the risk falls back on us and not on you or your organisation.

When it comes to payment, we pay the individual on a monthly or weekly basis and invoice you in return.