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About Recru-IT

Started: 2005
Service Area: South Africa
Offices: Cape Town
Port Elizabeth (Head Office)

Recru-IT was established in August 2005 & specializes in and focuses on the full spectrum of positions within the IT and other sectors. We focus our approach on delivering a superior service to both our client and candidate, in all portfolios and phases throughout the Recruitment process, supporting real transformation within the IT Industry and other sectors through ethical and transparent business practices.

  • We are a small specialist team who come from an IT background and therefore have the ability to find the exact skills you are looking for where other generalist might battle especially on the more technical roles.
  • So whether you needing a contractor on site or a permanent resource, we will assist you in the process.
  • In saying that we do also recruit outside the IT perimeters for our clients. We have generalist Recruiters who are quite capable of assisting with any requirements received.
  • If you are not wanting to employ a resource or looking for a short term contract and don’t want these individuals on your payroll we can take this headache away from you even if it’s just for a week. This will entail drawing up a contract between ourselves and one with the individual you would want for the duration of the contract.
    1. The benefits of this to you and your organisation is that we take care of all the administrative tasks you would normally have to do which includes paying his/her salary and PAYE/UIF details to SARS on a monthly basis as well as managing their IRP5’s as well for their annual tax returns.
    2. If you have sourced a candidate through your own means and require the resource on site at short notice, and having to organise all the legalities from your side might take time which in turn will cost you money where we are able to put this together in a short space of time and literally have the resource working at your offices or your clients office the next day.
      • The contract will be drawn up between us and the individual meaning that all the risk falls back on us and not you or your organisation.
      • On the payment side we will pay the individual on a monthly or weekly basis and then invoice you in return which gives you more time to manage your payments as well.
  • We have SLA’s with many large and small corporates across the country who have been using our services for well over 10 years successfully and seamlessly for their business needs.

Operational Structure

Recru-IT uses a flat open structure in our approach

  • Each consultant takes personal ownership for each client request. The consultants are account managers with their respective clients ensuring professional and personal interaction at all times.
  • Our team supports each other in an interactive, transparent manner to deliver highest quality candidates on each specification, thus ensuring a fast and effective turnaround time to fulfill your every labour requirement.

From a candidate perspective

  • We treat personal details and applications as confidential.
  • We do not send CV’s without full consent. We understand that this must be very scary for people entering the job market to just have their details passed around without their consent and / or knowledge.
  • We pride ourselves in being honest and straight forward in that we offer the candidate as much information about a role and company as is available to us.
  • We understand that any career move for an individual is a big step and treat it as such.

From a corporate perspective

  • We always discuss the role and company in depth with the candidate, instead of just wasting their time with candidates that may not be interested in the first place.
  • We check in with candidates that have been placed constantly to ensure there are no issues… aftercare service is key.