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IT Recruitment Agency

Recru-IT are recruitment specialists with an IT background dedicated to connecting organisations with top-tier candidates within the IT industry.

Recru-IT understands the IT landscape because our consultants hail from the industry itself. With over 20 years of dedicated service, we specialise in recruiting top IT talent, ensuring a perfect match in both technical skills and cultural fit. This deep insight not only saves our clients time, frustration, and money but also supports and fosters business growth. Our reputation as preferred suppliers for many of South Africa’s largest corporations stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and the high level of service we provide. →

Looking For Candidates?

We assist international and South African clients with their recruitment needs. Whether you’re seeking a contractor or a permanent resource, both locally and globally, we’ll find the perfect match. Contact Lionel now!

Making A Career Move?

We pride ourselves on being honest and straight-forward by offering our candidate as much information about a position and company as is available to us.

We understand that any career move for an individual is a big step, we are there to guide you along the way.


Recru-IT specialises in the full spectrum of positions within the IT industry. Our approach is to deliver a superior service; to businesses and candidates, in all portfolios and phases throughout the recruitment process, supporting real transformation within the IT Industry, through ethical and transparent business practices.


You have come to the right place if you are not in the position to hire a resource on a fulltime basis and you are in need of a short-term contract without having the employee on your payroll.

How does it work? We start by drawing up a contract between RECRU-IT and the candidate for the duration of the contract. The benefit to you and your organisation is that we take care of all the administrative tasks you would normally have to manage; this includes salary payment, PAYE/UIF, dealing with SARS on a monthly basis as well as managing their IRP5.

If you have sourced a candidate through your own means and require the resource on-site at short notice, having to organise all the legalities from your side might take time which in turn will cost you money. We are able to put this together in a short space of time and have the resource working at your offices or your clients office the next day. The contract will be drawn up between us and the individual meaning that all the risk falls back on us and not on you or your organisation.

When it comes to payment, we pay the individual on a monthly or weekly basis and invoice you in return.

Our Process

Job seekers can upload their CVs and explore our current job listings, applying directly for roles that match their skills and preferred field. If there isn’t a suitable position available immediately, they can still register their CV with our recruitment agent to stay on file for future opportunities. We never charge a fee for CV registration or job placement.

Please be aware that our recruitment process includes background checks, such as criminal record verification and thorough reference checks. While we don’t specifically find jobs for candidates, we work to fill the roles that employers have entrusted to us. You can browse through our listings to find companies that are currently hiring.

  1. Primarily internet-based advertising, in addition, referrals do contribute to the candidate base.
  2. Our policy requires that we personally interview every candidate that we wish to put forward for a specified position. In the event that this is not possible, a comprehensive telephonic interview will be conducted.
  3. We add a candidate overview with all CV’s presented to clients, thus facilitating a quick reference.
  4. Our CV’s will always state current salary, notice period and reason for leaving.
  5. We will arrange interview dates, times, etc and give feedback to both the client and candidate thereafter.
  6. We prefer to present the offer to the prospective candidate, as this is a critical point of negotiation in concluding a placement.